Welcome to HLO

HLO Property Tax Consultants, LLC is a property tax consulting firm that specializes in property tax appeals.

In February to March of each year a Property Tax Assessment Card is mailed to each property owner indicating the current and future value placed on your property by the County Assessor. In the last few years, Residential Notices were in a Letter format, while Commercial and Vacant Land Notices remained in Card format.  Typically, this value has increased significantly. Every owner can appeal this property tax valuation if they feel it is too high.

What can you do about it

Make sure the Assessor’s office has the correct information about your property.

  •      Make sure you’re paying taxes on what you have—not what they think you have!

Get involved with the budgetary process of your taxing entities.

  •      Those $800 dollar dinners you read about in the papers—you are paying for those with your tax dollars! 

The benefits of appealing your taxes doesn’t just save you money, it helps your friends and neighbors by correcting the neighborhood comps that are used to come up with their valuations.

What’s the process to get a reduction?

Contact HLO for assistance! HLO is a local firm comprised of professionals in the appraisal and appeal process in Mohave County. Our firm encompasses over 50 years of combined experience in all aspects of property valuations. We can help you gather the information needed for you to appeal your property tax valuation.

Can’t be bothered with all the paperwork? We can complete the process for you.

By completing the appeal process, many can expect a minimal if not significant reduction in property tax valuation. This valuation is used to determine your taxes.

There are also various Exemption Programs which you may qualify for.

Time is of the essence. Property Valuation Cards will be in the mail soon and appeals must be returned to the Assessor’s Office by the date on your card – NO EXCEPTIONS!

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